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RENI-Advantage – Your Ultimate Real Estate Negotiation Tool

Join the RENI Advantage Program and gain

A Lasting Competitive Advantage!

  • Become a true MASTER negotiator
  • Feel SUPREMELY CONFIDENT in all negotiation situations
  • Get the BEST RESULTS for your clients and yourself
  • Take your career to the HIGHEST level

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Feel free to use the website and if you have any trouble just email Info@TheRENI.com for additional support.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Real behavior change can take as long as 18 months

The key to thriving in a changing market is to constantly improve your value proposition through practice and repetition.

  • What if you could go back to class anytime you wanted?
  • What if you were about to walk into a negotiation meeting and could ask anything you wanted first?
  • What if every strategy for negotiation was available to you from your phone anytime anywhere?
  • How much would you pay to close one extra transaction a year?
  • What if I told you that for only $29 a month you can do that and more?

What they are saying…

I have to say that I LOVE THE VAULT, I can watch the webinars when it is convenient for me. The information is so valuable. It is such a great learning tool. And the nice thing is I can watch them over and over again! I am glad that I am a part of the Reni Advantage Group!
Cindy Vezina Notaro
The issue of “Trust” was a very timely webinar for me. It helped me to decide to not take a $600k land listing. YOUR WEBINAR HELPED ME to formulate the words he needed to hear and we’ll list it next year when everything is done and it is ready for sale.
Sharon Altieri

Previous Webinars Included:

  • Getting People to SEE What you SAY
  • Unwrapping the Exchange Principle in Negotiation
  • Building Trust Through Social Media
  • Are You Asking the Right Questions?
  • How to Increase Your Persuasiveness When Negotiating Across Cultures
  • Discovering the Other Side's BATNA
  • Increasing Your Power in a Multiple Offer Situation
  • Let the Fun Begin: Negotiations After Contract Signing
  • Trust - The Secret Ingredient in All Negotiations
  • Is Your Real Estate Future in DANGER?
  • Your MCNE Designation and the Human Touch
  • How to Boost Your Business with Better Testimonials that Build Trust
  • Email Negotiations
  • Collaborative vs. Competitive - How to be the Most Effective Negotiator

Hard work, discipline, and practice are elements of success in ALL professions

  • If you go to the gym and start to get in shape and then stop, you will likely gain back what you lost!
  • If you don’t do anything after your MCNE negotiation training, you will likely lose what you gained!
  • Stay in “negotiation” shape or get in better “negotiation” shape! Build your “negotiation” muscle!
  • RENI Advantage is your quick negotiation workout studio!
  • Best value in the industry!